Contact Lens Exams and Fittings

Dr. Jansma is skilled at fitting and evaluating a wide variety of contact lenses including spherical, toric (for astigmatism), multifocal, and monovision. After taking the time to learn about your vision demands including occupation, activities, and hobbies, Dr. Jansma will discuss the options available for your prescription in contact lenses.  Daily disposable contact lenses are the healthiest option for your eyes and they are our most recommended contact lens modality, especially for first-time wearers, pre-teen and teenage patients, and those with a history of complications related to contact lenses or solutions.  In addition, daily disposable contact lenses are the best choice for those who suffer from eye allergies, have a history of contact lens overwear/abuse, or desire contact lenses for occasional wear.

Professional Standards of Care recommend that all people wearing contact lenses have a full comprehensive eye examination and contact lens diagnostic examination at least once every year.  A contact lens diagnostic fitting/refitting/evaluation must be done in addition to the comprehensive exam in order to receive an updated, valid contact lens prescription and order contact lens boxes.

These tests are for contact lens wearers only and include:

  • measuring the curvature of your eye to determine the lens that will best fit your eye and to assure that your current contact lenses are still in alignment with the curve of your eyes (the shape of your eyes and your contact lenses can change over time)

  • evaluating the performance of both the current and/or new contact lenses on each eye (vision, coverage, centration, movement, tear exchange, stability, cleanliness, etc)

  • contact lens specific health assessment to make certain your eyes are able to wear contacts and remain healthy and free of lens-related problems (corneal ulcers, neovascularization, giant papillary conjunctivitis, corneal edema, infiltrates, abrasions, etc)

  • on-going follow-up care